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Saturday, 28 April 2007 07:41

Well, here's a topic I have much to talk about. If you already read the about me link in this site, then all this stuff will pretty much be a repeat. Anyways, I have a lot of interests, anything from building car models to mountain biking. I used to build many different models of cars when I was young, but as the years went by, my spare time went along with it. Of course I miss the good old times when I would sit down for a few days and work on a model but now i dream about working on the real thing now that I'm much older. I've always promised myself that I would someday work on a real automobile or in other words, fix it up, and customize it exactly to my taste, and I indent to keep to that promise, although I have not yet found the perfect car yet for the job.

One of my other interests would most probably be mountain biking and casual biking. I guess I kind of fell in to this when I was really young because i would always love biking the nearest park, always trying to see how fast i can get there and back. Plus there was a little hill on the way to the park which made it even more challenging, which is good. Even after my greatest accident biking I still love the sport and I try to bike whenever I can. If you're a bit curious about the "accident", well what happened was that one day as I was racing back home, while there was some major construction going on around my neighborhood, I kind of took a very nasty fall to the ground and scraped up my knee and leg, but it was all good, you live and learn huh? ;) Well that's exactly what happened. I learned to go slower when there's too much debris on the ground.

Another one of my greatest interests is in cars. I can't even begin to tell you how much I like cars. I've also been a car fanatic all my life, I would sometimes fill up the walls of my room with thousands of pictures of cars. What kinds of cars you ask? Well, just about anything new to the automobile market, but my main focus was usually on cars like Jaguar, BMW, and Bentleys sometimes. If you're wondering, I currently have up a gigantic poster of a Ferrari, Porsche, and a Hummer up on my walls, and I have a model of my favorite car, the Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR. If you're in cars too, don't forget to check out my favorites page, which consists of a few different links to some of the world's most exotic cars. Also if you're really into Lexus cars, you have to check out my friends business site, Lexatsy . Besides finding great performance parts for your lexus you can take a look at some very awesome sopped up Lexuses.

On another note, I also have a huge interest in computers. I don't really know what it is about them, but I also like to figure them out, if you know what I mean. I like playing around with different programs the computer has to offer, and learn how to use them. I can learn almost any program just by playing around with it for a while, seriously. Every program i know how to use right now relevant to web designing and graphic designing i've learned as much as I want to learn about them so far. Furthermore, every time I have a question about a program or I would like to learn how to use a feature, i don't ask anyhow how to do it, well it least rarely ever, rather i just learn how to do it my self, you know trial and error, and I gotta say lately it's been more trial and less error. Anyways, there are many more interests I have, but I really don't want to bore anyone with them all. Pretty much I'm an all around guy with a lot of interests. But then some things that i may find interesting others may look at it differently.

My most recent interest would have to be snowboarding, granted I've only been doing it for 2 years now, I just can't get enough of the adrenaline rush. There's just this feeling you get when you're on top of that mountain getting ready to ride down the steep incline, and as you approach the jump, you're heart turns as cold as the snow, but you're going too fast to realize it, and before you think about it, you're back on the ground getting ready for another radical jump. Yes it is that exciting.

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