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Tuesday, 10 April 2007 08:23


Born in the middle east, grew up on the east coast of the US and now resideĀ  in the opposite side of the coast. I got my education at a great university in California, UCSD, studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Machine Intelligence. It has always been my dream to be an Engineer, and although I was never sure of what field specifically in engineering, half way through my educational career it was clear to me what it would be. I chose machine intelligence as my emphasis,as my fascination with artificial intelligence and robotics grew beyond my expectations. I worked on some of the most interesting projects that I would have never dreamed of doing. Working with some of the greatest minds at UCSD I was able to expand my boundaries, and turn some dreams into realities. Upon completing one of the most exciting time periods in my life, I got an internship working in a small start up in San Diego, which was involved in predictive analysis work. Soon after that i was working full time for another company as a QA engineer for a company dealing with identity monitoring and risk management.


Today I continue working in the QA Engineering field as a QA Manager. Along with changing where I work, where I live has changed as well. Moving from sunny San Diego, over to Los Angles, I've come to learn that although LA and SD are within the same state, there is still quite a bit of difference between the two areas, among them being the people, and the weather. The opportunities in LA seem to have presented them-self in greater abundance upon moving here, which has also gotten me involved in working on the side as a web designer and web developer. Doing all sorts of web related work, from simple web application form set up to a single web page, to full blown e-commerce websites for clients all over.

On the side, apart from working, I do web development work for small businesses and individuals. This includes anything from web programming for advanced web applications, to web design design and maintenance. Although I have attempted to create a name for this on the side freelance work I've been doing it has proven to take up more time than anticipated, so it is now by word of mouth in which I would get clients to do projects, but my dream still remains the same to provide people with computer and web services.

Aside from work related activities, I try to keep very active with everything from hiking, rock climbing, to a whole lot of cycling. I find it the most soothing going for a nice ride after a long day. I enjoy cycling just about anywhere my road bike will take me, sometimes as a group and often times alone.


In what seems to be the near future rapidly coming up, I hope to get more involved in more programming and development work. Perhaps working at a rapidly growing company, who's products and/or services are not only respected and admired but also help the every day people in many ways by making life easier and more efficient. I also wish to kick off my web development work in to the fast gear, continuing to develop the business website to advertise and promote my services to everyone, one of the many being website design and development, with high emphasis being placed on development and web programming.

In the long run, I wish to get back into robotics, design and development. I hope to combine my experience in programming and my degree in electrical engineering to come up with advanced robots to help every day people perform the chores they do everyday. I truly believe that with the help of robotics we can do much more as humans, work faster and perform duties more effectively and efficiently.

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